What is the compatibility of Aries with all other signs according to the divine ? Here is the couple affinity with all zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a cardinal fire sign, ruled by Mars. Its dominant position in the zodiac circle combined with its fiery nature gives its representatives a passionate, impulsive, egocentric and very stubborn energy. As a mythological archetype, Aries is a pioneering hero, and this is reflected clearly in its love relationships. In general, they are in love with the feeling of new love itself.

The essence of their experience in personal life is the infinite pursuit of pleasures related to the senses. For this reason, Aries of both sexes often fall in love and make even trivial mistakes. They tend to mistake the glitters of infatuation for true love. When Aries finally decides to get married, they already have a solid baggage of love adventures.

Aries' peculiarities. How are Aries in love? Aries loves the way they live: with extreme passion and explosive energy. They can be angry for a silly reason and swear eternal love the next moment. They achieve ideal compatibility with people who can understand their emotional outbursts and not take the offense to heart.

What attracts and repels Aries? Aries representatives are attracted to the inaccessibility of a partner. They are not afraid of the barriers of incompatibility and life's obstacles. They win the sympathy of their chosen one with unprecedented persistence, not sparing time and effort in courtship. However, having achieved reciprocity, they quickly lose their initial interest. The nature of their romantic feelings is similar to a child's attitude towards a new toy. Showing more interest in the initial phase of getting to know someone, over time, they see their adoration cool.

Aries partners must be prepared that they may end relationships without regrets after another argument. They find it more enjoyable to be in a state of active search than trying to maintain a problematic relationship.

In love, Aries can be recognized by several signs. They « accidentally » start attracting the attention of their love interest as often as possible and can even engage in stalker behavior: hanging around the place where the person they are infatuated with lives, calling and hanging up. They become cheerful, joke a lot, sometimes for no reason.

Disadvantages of an Aries partner. Knowing their weaknesses will help, according to Artemis, to build a harmonious relationship with Aries. In different people, they can manifest to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the position of the planets in their personal . * Impulsive character. This trait of Aries' character is legendary. Aries first destroys everything around them, then cools down (with the same speed with which they lit up) and looks in amazement at the chaos they caused: « Did I really do that? » However, this character trait ensures that you will never be bored with Aries. * Aries leads the zodiac circle. They tend to dominate the relationship and do not always take into account the partner's opinion. In their extreme manifestation, this trait can turn into arrogance and insensitivity towards their loved ones' emotions. * If you try to convince Aries, you are likely to fail. They are not inclined to compromise, which is necessary in any family. The intransigence of Aries can be compensated for by astute diplomacy. Aries tends to pass off the thoughts of others as their own. Make a motivated proposal and do not mention it again. Perhaps, after some time, they themselves will propose this initiative. * Their impulsive nature makes Aries fall in love quickly and be just as easily disappointed. * Aries is enthusiastic and active, but their energies are dispersed in different directions. To achieve stability in matters of the heart, they need to cultivate responsibility and self-discipline. * Contradictions with a partner push Aries towards confrontation. They are not inclined to smooth out conflicts and can, in an outburst of emotion, offend a partner with tactless words. Studying psychology will be of great benefit to this sign. * Even in a state of love, Aries is like a cat advancing in solitude. They always have a private area that is like it is fenced off with warning signs. They can run away if you inadvertently violate their personal space. Try to channel this trait to the benefit of the relationship. A little freedom will not harm love, otherwise, it risks turning into habit and routine.

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Signs with which Aries is perfectly compatible. Who is Aries' soul mate? Compatibility and affinity of Aries with Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius… Aries. It may seem that the fire signs close to them have a high compatibility for Aries. However, such a combination will be harmonious only under certain conditions. Together, the two fire signs can create a furious flame of passions that is not always controllable.

The best partner relationship with the same element is achieved with Sagittarius. They share Aries' adventurous and independent spirit, both giving each other the freedom they need. Sagittarius can channel Aries' boiling energy towards high ideals.

In Aries-Leo and Aries-Aries unions, it is much more difficult for partners to get along due to the inherent egocentricity in both signs. Much will depend on both partners' desire to make concessions.

Representatives of air signs have an ideal compatibility for Aries: Gemini and Aquarius. An active and fiery Aries needs someone who loves their flame without getting burnt by it. Air signs give them inspiration, warmth, and energy for the mind. Gemini, when not lazy, attracts Aries with their dynamism, sharp mind, and childlike spontaneity; Aquarius seduces Aries with their creative and intellectual potential.

The main advantage of representatives of the air element is that